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George Costanza reaction gifs

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Winking George approves.

George Costanza NO gif

Just dance!

Elaine George Jerry Seinfeld dance gif Dancing cardigan Costanza - Imgur

And clap!

george costanza clapping gif

George Costanza it moved gif

No upvote for you gif Soup Nazi George Costanza Reddit downvote Imgur

soup nazi meme spelling mistake in title no upvote for you

Seinfeld George eating popcorn gif

George Costanza watching laundry gif this is the dullest moment I have ever experienced BORING Seinfeld

George Costanza gif Food and Sex those are my two passions

Holy Cow!

George Costanza holy cow gif

George Costanza unemployed gif My name is George. I'm unemployed and live with my parents.

No wonder George is unemployed. He takes too many naps.

George Costanza napping under desk gif

I wonder what employed George would say about that.

George Costanza shrug gif

George Costanza bored audience gif Imgur

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