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Federal Poverty Line Doesn't Adequately Reflect Cost Of Living In America

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Not sure how poor people can afford to live in cities:

The federal poverty line for a family of four was $23,283 last year, nearly one-quarter of what it takes to live in New York City and slightly more than one-third of what it takes to live in St. Louis, according a family budget calculator from the Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank. In fact, EPI found that in 615 cities across the country it takes a total income at least twice the federal poverty line for any type of family with three children or fewer to afford basic expenses.

I think that they double and triple up as housemates and roommates with friends and family.

Sometimes even more than that.

Yes, I think that one way to get some financial relief is through the food stamp program.

There are a lot of Americans on food stamps now. More than 40 million.

That's well over 10%, right?

47 million Americans are on foodstamps:

That's 15 percent of the U.S. population.

Wow!  That's amazing!  Thanks!

You're welcome. Remember also that children are disproportionately affected.

Specifically, 23% of American children are living in poverty:

Yes, thanks for the reminder about the children-- I think I know what that's like....

To grow up in poverty?

Yes, I would say so.  That, among other challenges as well.

What other challenges?

I really appreciate about how much you care about poverty and the children, etc.....

I care a lot. It feels like this population is under represented by our public servants.

Yes, I couldn't agree more.  Just one reason I did my master's thesis on the Welfare Rights Movement.

It does seem like such a big problem that progress is very very hard to make.

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