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Quora thread: 12 Ways to Annoy Logical People

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Thread on Quora:

12 ways to annoy logical people:

1. Let "intuition" decide.

2. Spout facts without citations.

3. Exaggerate your opponent's position to pick apart their defenses.

4. Cite irrelevant experts like they're authoritative, and do it incorrectly. 

5. Conflate correlation and causation.

6. Draw conclusions from personal anecdotes.

7. Have poor email etiquette.

8. Misuse terms or badly cite logical fallacies in an effort to prove a point. 

9. Make unfalsifiable claims.

10. Make irritating writing mistakes. Especially poor grammar and spelling.

11. Cite examples from movies or television like they're facts.

12. Ask stupid questions.

Ha! So I am logical!! I knew it all along!

Which was the number that really got to you?

7 & 10 but what's even more annoying is when this happens as the person is telling me how much better than me they are because of their degree in this or that, which has nothing to do with the subject at hand. But then hey who am I to judge, at least if I may quote "I don't ingore my mine" like all those other women who work with you. TeeHee...sorry I realize this makes no sense to you but it just never gets old for me.

It makes sense. People are unfortunately quite good at being illogical.

We are at times & like I said who am I to judge, I'm not immune...we all have our moments. I guess it's just a matter of how many of those moments you have that would be key.

And how to give yourself calm when someone is being illogical with you.

Guze Frabba....

Which means the cup is half full?

At the time... sure, Today the only annoying people I have to deal with I already love & accept; as they do me, at least I would hope. So today it means "my cup overfloweth"

Overfloweth is a little more than half full!

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