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This Lazy Airplane Loader is the Living Embodiment of Monday

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Look, China is stealing even the careful shipping procedures from the US.

Evidently the word FRAGILE means something different to people in shipping than it does to the rest of us.


It's nice to see SOMEONE cares. Unlike this guy:

I'd like to say I'm surprised...but I am not. I have plenty of beat up luggage to prove that this guy is not the only guy who loads airplanes with this particular technique!

I wonder if they bother to screen for the position at all.

I've had many poor shipping experiences within the US.  Either it's really hard to hire people who care, or shipping companies are not very interested in improving performance and decreasing insurance claims.  They track packages.  They should know exactly what trucks or planes a package was on and exactly who handled a package and when in its route.  Installing a few cameras (likely already in place) would make it easy for a shipping company, upon receiving a damage complaint, to review the tape at each transition, see if a package was mishandled, and educate, punish or terminate as needed. 

In my experience, they seemed to spend a lot of effort fighting my insurance claim when my packages looked like people played football with them, but, at least outwardly, they didn't seem very interested in finding who was responsible within their organization.

One Caveat: I've shipped with Amtrak one time thinking that it was safe.  One of my packages was actually hit by a freight train, which they claim has never happened - lucky me.  I'm disgusted and still handling the claim.  I'm pretty sure the story they told me about how it happened was a lie and they didn't even recover the components of the irreplaceable chair which was handmade by my now deceased grandfather.  However, When I told them the man who accepted my packages was rude, they actually asked for a description and what time I was in the station.  So, I don't know if the guy who dropped my package on the tracks got reprimanded, but they are serious about making sure their people are polite.

Maybe that's it.  They destroy our packages with a smile and a nod.

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