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Map: The Most Popular Television Show Set In Each State

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Walt Hickey explains:

On July 4, we had a slideshow detailing the 22 maps that define America.

One of the most interesting of these was this map, which was developed by Redditor SomeGuyFromCanada, that shows the most significant television show that was each state. 

It's a bit controversial -- how exactly is That 70's Show more significant than Happy Days -- but it's certainly entertaining.

This is great. Before I moved last year, I did, in fact, live down the street from several locations referenced in Family Guy, and it's dead on accurate on the Rhode Island portrayal... 

I wonder why Family Guy chose Rhode Island. Is Seth MacFarlane from there?

He's a Connecticut ex-pat, like me, who sees the humor clearly. He graduated from RI School of Design. But you don't have to have lived in RI to mock just helps.  You clearly need to experience this state. 

Most Rhode Islanders seem like they left some other New England state to go there.

No, that's not true...there are several people who are born and bred--listen for the accent... New England's just small so most people don't know it's separate states. 

It's amazing people don't know that New England is six states. Wow.

I did find this Dan Meth map of sitcoms to supplement the one above btw.

USA Sitcom Map meme

New Mexico should have been Breaking Bad and Georgia should have been Walking Dead.

Simpsons is both no state and every state.

HBO has four shows -- Sopranos, Deadwood, Big Love, and The Wire -- though I'm disappointed that Louisiana is not True Blood.

And where the heck is Westeros? Somewhere between Harry Potter and Middle Earth...

Finally a show I followed--though I missed the last season of Big Love, I thought it was great. 

I had trouble getting into it but it had a loyal following.

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