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What You Can Learn From Leonardo Da Vinci’s Resume

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I did like how he casually threw his talents in there:

What strikes me as most impressive (and perhaps most instructive for job seekers) is the way in which Leonardo highlighted his talents to meet the needs of his potential employer(s). Leonardo most enjoyed painting and sculpting — it’s what he is MOST known for these days (think of the “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper.”) However, he doesn’t mention that until number 11 in his list! That’s because he knew Sforza was looking for someone who could provide assistance with his military and building affairs.

Yes, Da Vinci was quite the smooth operator. He was a genius who also knew how to get a job. Unfortunately, not all geniuses have that ability...

If Da Vinci were alive today, I wonder why he would be working on.

There is a chance he'd be at Google X Lab?

Or a university professor.

Or he'd be playing with nanotechnology in a garage, trying to bring on the Singularity...

If he were a professor, what university would he be at, you think?

MIT, Harvard, Stanford, or Caltech. Definitely a private institution that allows for quirky genius.

ehhh.. I think the author needs to reexamine Leonardo's motivations. He was an accomplished artist in many ways, and yes that's how he made his name.. but his passion project, one which he failed miserably at commercially, was military contractor, being a highly lucrative source of income among the highly militarized  and constantly warring Italian city-states of the Renaissance.  Much of his art, particularly after his late 20s, were loss-leading endeavors in the pursuit of the big military budgets.

I didn't realize how much he pursued military budgets! He would have loved DARPA...

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