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Alissa Nutting Talks Female Sexual Predators And Her Novel Tampa

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"Why do you think a lot of these women are above-average in terms of conventional attractiveness (which you drew on for Celeste as well)? Any theories?

These are the cases that get the most national media attention; they play the best into the tendency of our culture to showcase female sexuality in the way society is most comfortable with: packaged as something for men to enjoy. There’s a sense of, “adult men would want to have sex with this woman, so she’s incapable of committing a sexual crime.” This perpetuates the harmful patriarchal stereotype that female sexuality can’t be violent—that it’s simply there for male use with no agency of its own, that it doesn’t hold power."

Sweeping generalizations are a logical fallacy.

To be even-handed... it's well known that physically attractive male rapists are less likely to be convicted, on the "he could have sex with anyone, why would he need to rape that girl?" theory.

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