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One of the latest artificial intelligence systems from MIT is as smart as a 4-year-old...

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For the last decade, MIT researchers have been building a system called ConceptNet that can equip computers with common-sense associations. It can process that a person may desire a dessert such as cake, which has the quality of being sweet. The system is structured as a graph, with connections between related concepts and terms.

The University of Illinois-Chicago announced today that its researchers put ConceptNet to the test with an IQ assessment developed for young children. ConceptNet 4, the second-most recent iteration from MIT, earned a score equivalent to the average 4-year-old. It did well at vocabulary and recognizing similarities, but did poorly at answering “why” questions. Children would normally get similar scores in each of the categories.

So it's able to outsmart a small child? This is progress...

A 4-year old excels at ASKING "why" questions.

Does a person EVER get good at answering "why" questions?

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