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Cat-Shaped Marshmallows Decorate Hot Beverages

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Every morning you could see a drowning kitten in your latte!

3-D coffee art with cat marshmallows?! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!

3D Coffee Art Cat Marshmallow

I'm sorry Panda, but I can't do that. These are HAND-CARVED marshmallows.

The cat isn't drowning? It's delightfully enjoying the latte!

So I can't buy these? Do I have to learn to carve them myself by hand?

Super cute!!!

3-D Coffee Art Cat Marshmallows

Cute Cat Marshmallows

Cat Marshmallow Paw Dessert

Besides the marshmallow felines, there are also cat paws that come in different flavors, like "milk tea", "cocoa", and "green tea latte", and that were originally designed for hot milk.

Where can I buy???

combined with this:

Don't Be Startled By the Animals In Your Cup of Coffee

and we have quite an experience

When i googled "cups with animals inside" I guess I should have expected this instead of the above:002132826.jpg

That is freaking adorable! I repeat:


And as they melt, it's an Indiana Jones Melting Nazi in your cup!

Where can we buy these?

Indiana Jones melting nazis are not for sale. 

And boy did this page escalate quickly. 

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