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The care and feeding of software engineers (or, why engineers are grumpy) | NCZOnline

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Not all correct, but pretty good insights.

In case you missed it, there's a long thread on engineering grumpiness here. ;)

So glad I stumbled upon this. I'm currently using pandawhale to avoid editing a book chapter on designer-developer-product manager relations. Herewith, I stash this acorn in my chubby little cheek and get back to work. My editor thanks you.

That's a great use of PandaWhale. :)

There's so many great things being stashed here.

A great distraction for a little while, then back to work...

I just like to make sure people don't work through lunch... And get dinner when they work late. "STOP THIS MEETING NOW! We need to eat, I get grumpy when my glucose gets low"

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