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A precocious protestor |

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Most 12-year-olds surreptitiously pick their nose. This one flabbergasts reporters who are blown away when he discourses on fascist theocracy. Probably the most intelligent defence of secular government you'll hear this week, and that includes the hundreds of articles that have gone up after the Egyptian coup wondering if Islamic government is an inherent contradiction. "What's the problem?" this small boy is asked, with Islamic law allowing men to "discipline" their wives, even though the new constitution forbids it? "The problem is that it's outrageous. Don't come to me with 80 articles that are good and 20 articles that are going to ruin the country and tell me that's a constitution." The next video you see of Tahrir Square, look closely. I'm the guy holding up the sign that says SMALL BOY FOR PRESIDENT.

So articulate for 12!

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