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Jeremiah Johnson HD gif -- It's Robert Redford!

Jeremiah Johnson HD gif Imgur Robert Redford Zach Galifianakis


Compare with the low quality standard version:

Jeremiah Johnson nod cropped gif original Imgur

Dat Robert Redford close up.

robert redford close-up gif

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From the Sydney Pollack film, 'Jeremiah Johnson.' The actor is NOT Galifianakis. It's Robert Redford. Jeremiah is smiling at his wife and adopted son just after pulling a trapped animal (beaver?) from a stream.

Even better with a light saber!

Jeremiah Johnson HD gif light saber Imgur Robert Redford

Thank you sir may I have another!

jeremiah johnson light saber gif

jeremiah johnson robert redford long beard gif Imgur content aware scale

Thank you The_Love_Child for this /r/contentawarescale gif:

team fortress 2 jeremiah johnson gif Imgur robert redford

Thank you fultron for making this gif.

mr miyaki jeremiah johnson gif imgur tumblr karate kid



jeremiah johnson tripping gif imgur robert redford trippy drugs MRW my buddy's trippin balls but seems to be doing okay

Imgur comments:

Boy, that escalated quickly.

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nightmare before christmas gasp mind blown gif Imgur

speechless nod mind blown gif Imgur

fingers oo ooo oooo ooh oooh gif Imgur

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the rock clapping gif applause Imgur

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