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Caddyshack Dancing Gopher gif

caddyshack gopher dancing gif Imgur

Thank you BigMurph26 for remaking this gif.

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Caddyshack gopher montage:

It's hard to listen to Kenny Loggins' "I'm alright" without dancing.

Caddyshack gopher dancing gif Imgur

Thank you 00spool for remaking this gif.


Varmint dancing. Made with gifbot.

caddyshack dancing gopher gif


Caddyshack gopher dance gif

Yes! He dances the gopher dance!

bill murray gopher caddyshack gif meme


caddyshack gopher gif

Haha, my daughter loved this. If this is simple pleasures in our age, what was simple pleasures in ancient times?

Perhaps back then it was just funny paintings on walls?

carl spackler to catch an animal gif bill murray Caddyshack imgur