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Life Tips of the Week #11: Peeling a Hard Boiled Egg

Life Tips of the Week 11 IPPINKA

Want to learn the fastest way to peel hard-boiled egg? Find out how in this week's life tips!


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Thanks Jesse. I never realized that was the most efficient way to peel an egg. 

I've tried this on a couple eggs and not had much luck. (There was a similar Tim Ferris demo video a year or so ago.)

Most important in my experience is to boil older eggs - they peel easier. Apparently the ideal age is when, in water, they stand on one end at the bottom of the pot. (That means they've aged just enough that there is a slight gas pocket inside. If they float to the top: bad egg, don't eat.)

So boiled, and with a few good starter cracks along the circumference, I often manage to twist off the whole shell in just 1-2 pieces, also in very little time.

I didn't know about the trick to boil older eggs, Gordon. I'm going to have to try that!

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