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Kevin Rose vs Raccoon infinite loop gif (via @evelynrusli)

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Found in Evelyn Rusli's tweet:

Hashtag #roseVSraccoon is trending for me on Twitter.

Summer + Saturday + Slow News Cycle = Raccoon Throwing Infinite Loop

Making Twitter officially hit a noisy new low of nothing to talk about:

Meanwhile on Reddit...

Kevin Rose Fuck Raccoons perfect loop gif Imgur


kevin rose fuck raccoons gif



Time for a game of catch!

fuck yeah raccoons kevin rose gif

Makes a fine downvote gif:

Kevin Rose Raccoon downvote gif Imgur


Kevin Rose downvote gif Imgur

Raccoons are mean, nasty animals.... The only reason he didn't get mauled himself is the element of surprise.  Hopefully it wasn't rabid, Toaster is a pretty dog.

And one thing I've noticed around here is how large the coons and skunks get... 

Why so much hate?

1) The raccoon attacked his dog.

2) Even touching the raccoon for a little bit sent Kevin Rose to the hospital:

...which led to a Tumblr of Kevin Rose throwing things:

simpsons crazy cat lady gif

I'm sure he was freaking out trying to save his dog.

Raccoons are pretty resilient. Monkeys like to throw them, too.

monkey throws raccoon gif

This is great technique.

Yes, those monkeys really know how to toss a raccoon!

less violent?!? seriously?  as if forethought is part of the equation when you're saving a loved one from a mauling from a wild animal.

Needs a theme song. All great heroes have theme music.

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