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Snoop Youth Football League brings out NFL stars and Pete Carroll

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Did you know Snoop Lion is the commissioner of an entire youth football league for kids age 5 -13?!?!?  Fo' rizzle!

I wonder who Snoop Dogg's favorite NFL team is? The Chargers? The Raiders?

Please don't say The Seahawks...

Who is not Snoop Dogg's friend?

Rapper Snoop Lion got a lot of support from the NFL community for his youth league's annual Family Fun Day in Los Angeles last weekend. DeSean JacksonDeMarcus WareLaMarr Woodley and Richard Sherman were among the current NFL players instructing participants of Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL). Seattle Seahawks head coach and former USC coach Pete Carroll was also on hand.

"This is the best thing in the world to be able to flex your muscle to call on your NFL friends to show up, and they really show up and give you love," Snoop said at Crenshaw High School on Saturday. "I mean, wow, I didn't realize I had this many friends."

Snoop, who will be voicing a character in the upcoming animation film "Turbo," discussed SYFL's success.

"I think before [Saturday] we may have had five guys who were going to go to the NFL," Snoop said. "I think we're probably going to have like 50. Just because when you're around it, you soak up the information and you're a part of it, you become it. And I believe we're bringing these players next to the kids, it's only making them want to do it more now. They know that they can do it.

"It's always been the sport where you organize and unify. It teaches camaraderie, it teaches everything. Football is an aggressive sport as well. We come from an environment where a lot of this aggression is not known how to be put out. So this is a great way to put out the aggression and as well as be taught how to be organized and play a fun sport."

I like the cute nicknames Snoop gives them.

snoop dogg football

I think Snoop might be a Steelers fan...

snoop dogg nfl

snoop dogg nfl

snoop dogg nfl

snoop dogg nfl

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