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Flesh-eating Maggots Found in UK Woman's Ear [VIDEO] : News : Nature World News

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At first it's gross but then, as a human being, you get angry at the stupid fun-ruining maggots. Thank goodness for doctors and science.



Soyeun, what do maggots eat besides flesh?

You mean as snack on their way to Yoga from the solar panel workshop? I think they just eat meat, the little jerks.

Okay, okay. Maggot is a general term for fly babies so I suppose fruit fly maggots eat fruit and vegetation. 

What would the world look like without maggots to clean it up?  THINK ABOUT IT.

Must scroll up to Jason's meme now.

True. We can't rely on the warm and fuzzy vulture or hyenas for help. However, in the clip I stashed, they didn't wait for the girl to die. They could have waited! 

(Wouldn't it be funny if they literally did clean up after us? Like, vacuum and clear out the empties. That would be nice.)

Maggots are little magical surgeons!

Oh, yes. My father told me about that. They are licensed and asked for permission. Very professional maggots. 

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