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Sam Malone Cheers Curve Beer gif

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Trick shot? Or can a beer curve really be done?

It's an old shuffleboard trick.  It's easier with a mug with a handle. 

Cool. I'm going to have to practice this!

TV trick:

A thin clear plastic filament was attached from the corner of the bar to the handle of the mug. Ted slid the mug. As it reached the elbow the filament tugged at the handle and swung it around the counter. Needless to say, the studio audience went nuts. Physics -- a comedy writer's best friend.

Ken Levine explained this on his blog some years ago. There's the same invisible filament magicians use attached to the handle. If you watch Ted's right hand you'll see him tug the mug around the bend and the mug handle will whip right-left-right.

From the Reddit discussion:


People raising their glasses as if to say "Cheers!" gifs:

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