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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation / Effectiveness - Wikipedia entry

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Recently brought to my attention that CPR is not as effective as we've been taught:"Used alone, CPR will result in few complete recoveries, and those who do survive often develop serious complications. Estimates vary, but many organizations stress that CPR does not "bring anyone back," it simply preserves the body fordefibrillation and advanced life support.[19] However, in the case of "non-shockable" rhythms such as Pulseless Electrical Activity(PEA), defibrillation is not indicated, and the importance of CPR rises. On average, only 5–10% of people who receive CPR survive.[21] The purpose of CPR is not to "start" the heart, but rather to circulate oxygenated blood, and keep the brain alive until advanced care (especially defibrillation) can be initiated. As many of these patients may have a pulse that is impalpable by the layperson rescuer, the current consensus is to perform CPR on a patient who is not breathing."

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