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Props and Stash

Stashed in: PandaWhale, Stashing

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No it's not a cheesy 70's cop show... it's our version of signalling social approval (like or heart) and saving for later. Try them today!

I get props, but what is stash?

Maybe save for later?

Yes, it's basically a bookmarking feature, similar to Twitter's star-shaped "favorite" button.

There's a section on each user's profile that shows the last 3 items that the user bookmarked, and you can access that user's entire stash history with via an url like (that page is empty because you have not stashed any items yet, but if you replace your username with mine, you will see my stash history).

Tofutim has now stashed something: the comment Lucas made. :)

Btw I have enjoyed considerably.

And you can see my stash right here. We will make stashes more prominent in our redesign.

For now I'm adding What is Stash? What is Props? to our Frequently Asked Questions list.

Ironically, right now this convo about props is rated as the least interesting convo on Props in the title does not result in props.

Is it still least interesting? I've added some more things to it that might make it more interesting now.

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