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Save the California Pogonomyrmex!

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The start of my Save the Pogonomyrmex campaign! Get out your magnifying glass and hard soled shoes!  Who's with me?

I am with you, Soyeun!  Solidarity!

I had to go halfway down a page of bugs to understand what you're talking about.

Argentine ants (Linepithema humile), an aggressive pest species introduced by human commerce to California, attack a native Pogonomyrmex harvester ant. Native ants in many places around the world have disappeared in areas invaded by Argentine ants.

Context helps, please.

Oh, sorry. I'm still getting used to synthesizing info here on PW. But yes (and thank you!!) Introduced species that hurt native critters must be eradicated! Did you know that the eucalyptus tree was also introduced into CA? We need an army of koalas (as contract killers because they have to go back to AU.)

(PS! This is not a metaphor for immigration!)

Why not train the UCI anteaters to crave Argentinian food?


GAHHHHH! Anteaters are from SOUTH AMERICA! Cue the "they had one job" chorus. 

Add the UCI Anteaters on the list of introduced species to eradicate!  >:)

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