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Do Starbucks employees have more emotional intelligence than your doctor?

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The short answer: Yes. Yes they do.

why are doctors supposed to have EQ?

Thank you for another powerful article from Eric Barker!

In my view, we rely on doctors for information and advice about one of the most important things to us as people - our health. It is often literally a matter of life and death. The way they treat us affects us in tremendous ways, not only physiologically but psychologically. On top of that, how can they really treat us properly if they aren't attuned to us emotionally? Without EQ, they are operating with a limited set of inputs and can miss things that are important in understanding our condition. I happen to know some great doctors who have high EQ, and having EQ makes a huge difference. In the end, how can doctors provide the best "care" if they don't "care?"

For a really mind-boggling thought, read this study from Daniel Pink's latest book about how empathy affected radiologists -- in their ability to find diseases.


That Dan Pink story blows my mind. You gotta care to be careful.

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