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Smoking Marijuana Causes ‘Complete Remission’ of Crohn’s Disease, No Side Effects

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Inflammatory diseases are among the hardest to combat, but this article hints that medical marijuana might be a potential answer for Crohn's!

THC and CBD are among the most intense anti-inflammatories the human body can handle.. makes perfect sense it'd be effective against one of the worst inflammatory diseases.

It's the anti-inflammatory properties that MAKE medical marijuana medicinal, right?

There's also pain control and psychoactive stuff. Or so I hear.

Can they take the psychoactive ingredients out? Or would that remove the other properties?

the most psychoactive part of cannabis (someone correct me) is the decarboxylated delta9 THC variant. The non-decarboxylated acid of d9 THC is also the most potent anti-inflammatory, from what I understand, and _not_ psychoactive, but particularly unstable and prone to decarboxylating into happy juice, particularly when heated.  *puff*puff*pass*

i.e. the more it gets you high, the less anti-inflammatory benefit you get.  This is worked around by developing strains with ever higher quantities of THC.... e.g. Superweed.

There is a growing community of cannabis juicers out there, juicing the leaves for THC acid and the CBDs.

I've never heard of juicing the leaves. I guess that's a variation on kale juice?

It makes sense that there are some people who want anti-inflammatory without psychoactive.

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