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Incredible Aerial Footage Of Santa Cruz Surfers From The Skies [5:31]

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This just looks so cool.  It kind of gives you a new perspective. :-)

In Florida you see thousands of sharks among the surfers.

Actually in Laguna Beach, the surfing spot Rockpile has a shiver of leopard sharks.  I've seen up to 30 of them at a time in that small area.  They range from 6 inches to 6 feet.  They are completely harmless. They are like bees, they float around on their merry way unless you do something stupid to them (and tourists do stupid things all the time to them). 

Though, in 7 years of lifeguarding, I only treated one shark bite.  It was some kid in Emerald Bay who had grabbed one by the tail in the shoreline and was holding it up.  The shark turned around and bit him.  Hard.  Through the skin.  His friends wanted to "bash it's head", but luckily I convinced them to just let it go. 

You should do a shark post with pics and gifs of Pacific coast sharks.

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