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Dropcam Snaps Up $30M for Connected Video Cameras - Liz Gannes, AllThingsD

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Also in the works: Hiring. Specifically, more support for the computer vision team, which has already done a lot of hard work around motion detection, using algorithms that are built to be respectful of privacy, given that most video feeds are personal. “We’re going to get a lot better at telling you only when something really interesting is happening,” Duffy said.

Dropcam video is stored online, where users can pay $9.95 per month to access footage and make clips from video taken in the past seven days, or $29.95 for the past month. Live footage is free.

The San Francisco-based company has said since last year that it processes more video on a daily basis than YouTube. Today, 39 percent of Dropcam users pay for premium services beyond the cost of their device, according to Duffy. The average user checks in more than once per day, and watches 10 minutes worth of footage, he said.

That's amazing. I've been forwarded a lot more Dropcam videos recently, too.

They are working with Amazon’s cloud platform:“ Duffy says the company has optimized a variety of AWS features for the video-specific tasks Dropcam does as part of that vertically integrated strategy. ”

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