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Night Owls Show Psychopathic Traits

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"The three legs of the Dark Triad can be found everywhere in the world. Magazines have labeled entire generations narcissists, psychologists create lists of the professions most likely to attract psychopaths, and Machiavellian parents turn to the godfather of political manipulation for child-rearing advice.

But psychologists say some people are walking around with a volatile cocktail of all three troubling traits. That's because the Dark Triad may be an evolutionary adaptation; possessing these traits gives some individuals a survival and reproductive advantage, studies have suggested.

Consistently, the researchers found that people who stay up later at night scored higher on each of the Dark Triad of personality traits than their early-to-bed peers."

This does not feel like real research to me.  I would love to hear more thoughts on this article.

Not research. More "pop psychology" -- the kind of study that obsesses on psychopaths and sociopaths and vampires as they relate to pop culture.

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