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Obama: "Call Me Maybe"

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I'm probably the last person on Facebook to have watched this, but it's fascinating that this made the rounds just as "Call Me Maybe" hit #1 on the Billboard U.S. charts.

The Obama version has 13 million views on YouTube; Carly Rae's version has 113 million views:

Carly Rae debuted on YouTube on March 1, and has pretty much been the most popular music video for the past month.

What's amazing is that the song was released on iTunes September 20, 2011. That's right, it's almost a year old, and only now is it the #1 song on the iTunes store.

The whole song is only 193 seconds. Jepsen sings the hook 11 times over the course of the song, or once every 17.5 seconds. The song is like a commercial for itself.

The song started to become popular on January 10 when Bieber tweeted it.

A month later Bieber made his own version with Selena and Ashley Tisdale:

That version has 356k likes and 43 million views as of today.

"Call Me Maybe" has now reached #1 in 13 countries, including Australia, Hungary, Ireland, an Jepsen's native Canada, where she was #3 in 2007 on their American Idol.

The song is currently on 11 different U.S. music charts, including Pop Songs, Dance/Club Songs, and Adult Contemporary.

The song will dethrone Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know", which has been #1 for the past 8 weeks.

Expect "Call Me Maybe" to be overplayed all summer.

See also the best versions:

And Missy Franklin's version:


Aw, come on. Just one more! I'll even make it Darth Vader style.






It's hard to keep up.

Star Wars, Cookie Monster and Chocolate Rain Guy all want to be part of the party, too.

No, I will not play "Call Me Maybe".


One does not simply play "Call Me Maybe" ...


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