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DropJiffy - Secure and Private File Transfer that Expires in 24 Hours

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- Unlimited Downloads before 24-hr Auto-Expire- No Wait Time- 100mb limit

With the rise of temporary/destructable messages and virtual currency (ie Snapchat, bitcoin), this will only continue... This is a clean design for a filehost, with a / Windows 8 Tile look.  Which begs my constant question, what's the business model of a filehosting service?  Also, has already used a paper plane as a logo.. oh wait, now it's Hightail?  [shrug]Hightail

SnapChat for documents. Ha. 

I like this!

Would that be accurate?  The only way to view the document is to download it (unless they have a built in media viewer ala gDocs, Mediafire), so by nature the document persists on the client disk.  Though, server-side delete, does make it analogous.  

Or, I guess, downloading the file before expiration is like a screen grab of a snapchat pic?  Hmm, kind of flips the hard copy vs virtual/cloud copy distinctions.