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Giving Data to Get Data. What does that mean? Tell me.

Many companies have a lot of data - most don't know what to do with the data they have

Some smart companies have figured out what to do with their own data

They use it to improve themselves

Some of them even figure out how to sell it (although at first glance it does not seem they are)

And some really smart companies have figured out that if they give a little data away, they can get a whole lot more back

If those companies make a little money from their own data, by giving it away and getting even more back, then the whole thing starts to snowball

That is printing money... Google-style

too much data

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The woman in that photo should seriously take a day off to organize everything.

She must be very creative.

Data Marketplaces: Programmable Web and Mashable

People give blood rather than they go looking for blood (unless they have Vampire tendencies of course)

If people are creating data (either inside a corporation or in the free world), then if they think it might be useful, they should share it.

But the 'system' has to be created in such a way that the contributor gets some personal gain for the sharing - whether it is the grades of like in Food Spotting (like, nice photo, I want that) or simply 'likes' as in Facebook where they gain kudos. Or they see real benefit like when someone receives a thank you letter from a sponsored children.

They will then give me. If the data is useful, then others will gravitate to draw from it, and this will give the contributors more incentive to put more in. 

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