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Black Unicorn

black unicorn gif tumblr imgur meme

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Drill, baby, Drill!

Even though I replaced the article on oil fracking with a unicorn, your comment still works.  :-)

Geege, I miss your unicorn posts! And I love black unicorns.

black unicorn gif tumblr imgur

Black unicorn gifs are rare.

black unicorn gif tumblr imgur giphy

Black unicorns are the unicorns of unicorns.

Black unicorn gifs are the unicorns of unicorns of unicorns!

black unicorn gif tumblr imgur

:) :) :)  True - I think you scooped them all!


We will have to keep an eye out for more. Did you check giphy?

Checking now.  Found a red unicorn!

red unicorn meme imgur tumblr

Red unicorns are even rarer than black unicorns!

red unicorn gif

red unicorn gif

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