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Cardboard Cutout Is An Effective Police Officer

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I need one of these !

It's a perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep kids off their lawn, loiterers off their property...even burglars away from their home. I'll bet it's just as (or even more) effective as a home alarm system since it's such a strong psychological deterrent. Somebody should start a business and start selling these on Amazon!

I'm surprised no one HAS started selling this on Amazon. Is it illegal to impersonate an officer?

That's a really good question. Would having a cardboard cutout on your porch constitute impersonating an police officer? On the other hand, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't get arrested if you went to a costume party dressed up as a police officer...

True because of party context. Context of putting it on your porch is less clear.

So if I did do it, would my cardboard cutout get arrested and have to go to jail?!

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