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This Blog Has in Fact Published Stuff Other Than the George Saunders Graduation Speech

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Sometimes that curiosity leads us to a consideration of Web traffic data. The overwhelming response to Lovell’s post made us wonder what constitutes a popular 6th Floor blog post, so we cranked up the stats machine to see which posts since the blog’s inception have pulled in the most readers. (You’ll notice two “Who Made That?” posts on the list. We had noticed their popularity too, which is partly why we spun the franchise, started by Hilary Greenbaum, a designer at the magazine, into the column that runs each week in the magazine.) Here you have it: the top 10 posts (after the George Saunders one) from The 6th Floor:

1. A Better Way to Measure Twitter Influence, by David Leonhardt

2. Listen to the New Bon Iver Record, by Wm. Ferguson

3. As if You Don’t Have Enough to Read, by Hugo Lindgren

4. The Hollywood Issue: Behind the Scenes, by Dean Robinson

5. Who Made That Moka Express? by Hilary Greenbaum

6. 17 Things I Learned From Reading Every Last Word of The Economist’s “The World in 2013” Issue, by Mark Leibovich

7. Who Made Those NASA Logos? by Hilary Greenbaum

8. Not a Pretty Picture (Rowing = Pain), by Dean Robinson

9. So You Think You Can Undress? by Stacey Baker

10. Words You Don’t Say, by Rachel Nolan

Interestingly, Dan Kois’s Top 10 Top 10 Lists of 2011 was popular enough to encourage us to make this top 10 list but not quite enough to make its way on; it came in at No. 11.

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