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If you don’t know who I am, maybe your best course of action is to tread lightly. ~Breaking Bad season 5 episode 9, “Blood Money”

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Hank punches Walt gif Breaking Bad Blood Money 5x09 Imgur

He calls that treading lightly?!

tread lightly gif

I do love Hank's look at the end...

tread lightly hank gif

From Grantland:

The difference between an exit and an escape is really just context. And as the cancer receded and the seasons wore on, Walt's flimsy justifications began to disappear too. The thing that Breaking Bad has never shied away from is reminding its audience that Walt's circumstance, while unfortunate, wasn't particularly special. An imminent demise may change what you do, but it doesn't affect who you are. And it doesn't (or it shouldn't) mean you can flick aside morality like Jesse Pinkman disposing of a cigarette butt. The universe isn't in the habit of handing out hall passes. The reality is that the worst of Heisenberg was always lurking just beneath Walter White's wallpaper wardrobe. Cancer merely fulminated the mercury buried within his own dark, frustrated heart. After all, every one of us is dying. The only question, as Superchunk once sang, is how fast.


[spoiler] A flag for tonight's episode - Imgur

Tread lightly blood money breaking bad 5x09 Season 5 Episode 9... - Imgur

Boy, have we come a long way...

don't tread on me Walter white breaking bad

Reflection and reflections were a huge theme in "Blood Money".

Jesse Pinkman blood money breaking bad 5x09


Hank blood money breaking bad 5x09 Tread lightly

I love how they've already gotten into endgame in this episode.

They must have a LOT of story left to tell.

Still, the conflict is ON.

Walter Hank Breaking Bad 5x09 Blood Money

"You don't give a shit about family."

breaking bad 5x09 blood money

breaking bad blood money season 5 episode 9

when I heard the learned astronomer Breaking Bad Comics by coronaking

One of Hank's crime scene photos:

Hank's crime scene photos breaking bad 5x09 blood money Imgur

Also, this.

schraderbrau breaking bad hank beer

"To my other favorite W.W..."

leaves of grass to my other favorite W.W. breaking bad 5x09 blood money


Jesse Pinkman Walter White jacket blood money breaking bad 5x09

Yeah, we will see that ricin again. Lydia loves artificial sweetener.

Why so many leaves on the roof?

Breaking Bad 5x09 Blood Money

heisenberg graffiti 5x09 breaking bad blood money

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