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Top 10 Touch Phones from Future | RealityPod

Top 10 Touch Phones from Future RealityPod


People who are obsessed with their cell phones must brace themselves for the uber-excitement that future holds for them. The iPhones, Androids and 4Gs as you see in their current forms, will seem too outdated when the superb futuristic ingenuity of the designers will transform into real products. Here’s a list of par excellence concept phones sporting awe-inspiring designs and the statement, which might leave you no more fascinated with your current phone.

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The nokia phone reminds me of this toy. It's got a great snapping feel to it as you put it on your wrist and a good undo feel as you snap it off. 

Personally I think electronic paper phones are going to be more commonplace.  you fold them and put them in your pocket and then you use the shape of your pinkie and thumb to talk to it.

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