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DEA directs agents to cover up use of NEA data to prosecute Americans

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Turns out that the Obama administration's glib reassurances that the NEA only collects metadata to pursue foreign nationals are 100% untrue. Not only is data about Americans being "shared" with the DEA for ordinary criminal drug cases, but DEA agents are being carefully coached on how to lie about the source of their "probable cause". I am so disappoint :(

You mean NSA. NEA is something very different.

I too am disappoint.

That's not just privacy, that's manufacturing a case against someone by reverse engineering it in order to benefit from illegally obtained data while still using it.   I hate drug dealers and and ganglords as much as the next person, but Americans have a general sense of due process.  I'm very worried about this bleeding over to targeting through political dissent. 

Wait, NEA is national endowment for the arts, right?

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