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A cat can make any mistake appear intentional. ~George Carlin

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George Carlin once said:

Cats have another quality I find admirable: blamelessness.

When a cat makes a mistake, he doesn’t accept responsibility or show embarrassment. If he does something really stupid, like jumping onto a table and landing in four separate coffee cups, somehow he passes the whole thing off as routine.

A cat can make any mistake appear intentional.

Have you ever seen a cat race across the room and crash into a glass door? It doesn’t faze him at all. WHIZZ! SPLAT!! “I meant that! I actually meant that. That’s exactly what I was trying to do.”

The World needs a Cat Olympics, don't you think?

cat olympics deal with it gif

Catlympics? Catrobatics? Cathletics?

cat flip deal with it gif

cat somersault intentional gif

I'd give this a 10 in the Cat Olympics.

Cat Olympics gets a 10 gif

Not every Cat Olympic event is exciting though.

Cat Olympics door hole gif

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