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Loneliness Illustrated So Beautifully You Will Need To Tell Someone

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A well spent 3 minutes 

Yes! Thank you Karina.

I never have to be alone == I share therefore I am.

"The first lesson reading teaches is how to be alone.” ― Jonathan Franzen, How to Be Alone 

Reading is different from social media because it doesn't provide the gratification of an audience but it can provide some gratification in making you feel less unique. One of my favorite books as a teenager was "The only alien on the planet" by Kristen Randle

A wonderful video and s true.  Thanks Karina for sharing.9

Just read David Foster Wallace's amazing "E Unibus Pluram" (published in 1993), which reminded me of this video: "If it's true that many Americans are lonely, and if it's true that many lonely people are prodigious TV-waters, and it's true that lonely people find in television's 2-D images relief from their stressful reluctance to be around real human beings, then it's also obvious that the more time spent at home alone watching TV, the less tiem spent in the world of real human beings, and that the less time spent in the real human world, the harder it becomes not to feel inadequate to the tasks involved in being a part of the world, thus fundamentally apart from it, alienated from it solipsistic, lonely. It's also true that to the extent one begins to view pseudo-relationships with Bud Bundy or Jane Pauley as acceptable alternatives to relationships with real people, one will have commensurately less conscious incentive even to try to connect with real 3-D persons, connections that seem pretty important to basic mental health."

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