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Think Big Data Is All Hype? You’re Not Alone - Gartner creates the hype and then charts it!

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When a phrase enters the tech industry lexicon in a big way, and has a good way of crystallizing a seemingly overarching trend, it’s usually not long before the very same phrase becomes a victim of its own overuse and is dismissed as “all hype.”

If it were to follow the typical trajectory, then, it implies that Big Data technologies are soon to be due for a fall into the “trough of disillusionment.” (Gartner explains its methodology here.)

f Big Data is indeed due for a drop into the trough of the typical hype-cycle path, it would mean that early trials of pilot projects would have to fail to deliver on expected benefits. That hasn’t happened yet. Indeed, one sign to watch for is the fortunes of companies selling and servicing Hadoop, the open-source computing environment that breaks Big Data problems down to management sizes.

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The hype is centered around the technology right now, the implementations and value that businesses are gaining will follow. (Organizations are still gaining huge benefits from Business Intelligence despite the hype being way over)

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