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Browsers - we need much more

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Somehow this article is news worthy? Curved tabs is a big deal? When are browsers going to start developing features that change how we use the Internet?! Since 1996, I've seen browsers get better in the following areas:

* Performance

* Robustness

* Security

* HTML compliance

But those are all things that keep geeks happy. I can only point to a handful of meaningful improvements in browsers from a UX perspective.

* Tabs

* Auto fill of forms/search combo box

* ???

Really?! Can't we ask for more from the [hundreds of?] millions of dollars that have been spent on developing what is arguably the most important software for humanity? Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla, Google, and soon Facebook -- you have your best minds on this and this is all we've done in the past 16 years?

It's time for browser manufacturers to focus on User Experience!

Some of my ideas:

* Cross device login (Chrome has done this pretty well)

* Sharing/Stashing integrated as part of the experience

* Integrated liking/rating of web pages - Netflix queue style

* Watch what I do, and then make recommendations for me based on my browser history and ratings. Think the Amazon recommendation engine, but for the Internet.

* Complete Privacy control. No 3rd party cookies. I am in control of my data.

* The last xxxx people that searched on what you just did stopped looking after they went to yyyy page - would you like to go straight there?

* HTML 5 App Store. Why on earth is Pandora/Spotify/ in a separate tab. It should be a little widget that I can always see.

* Macros for common activities - remember common things i do and do it for me. An automatic dashboard of my Facebook activity, new alerts from my banking site, and my gmail when I wake up in the morning.

What features would *you* like to see in a browser?

Honestly, I wish I could force Chrome to turn off Flash.

It crashes regularly and brings my browser down with it.

So yes, I'm a performance guy. Give me speed, no memory leaks, and no crashing, and I'm happy.

Adam, I appreciate it needs to JFW. But that's like saying the only thing you want in a car is for it to not break down.

Regarding flash, I use Click to Flash for Safari and Firefox. It disables flash by default, but if there is something you want to see you click on it and it loads it. Makes the web a much better place. I'm not sure what options exist for Chrome.

Thanks for the click-to-Flash tip. Will look for one in Chrome.

You know I love the idea of a stash-integrated browser that makes it easy to stash and easy to access my stashes.

I think that lends itself nicely to recommending things I should read/watch.

Will think harder about what else I'd like.

Your advanced privacy ideas intrigue me.

In Chrome, it's a setting under "Under the Hood" > "Content Settings" > Plugins > "Click to Play"


Nick, neither Flock nor Rockmelt got sharing right, but potentially native sharing in a browser could be awesome.

"Under the Hood" has been changed to "Show Advanced Settings".

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