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7 Habits of Highly Effective Internet Users

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Created in 2008, pre-Tumblr, pre-9gag, pre-Instagram, and pre-Pinterest.

Found this via Sharenator via this page.

Where the heck is 4chan???

I cant think of how to some up 4chan with only two of these letters but E would be one of them.

At first I thought 4chan is EG but now I think it's EE.

I like that Facebook wasn't categorized under "Totally Bored".

ha. reddit? most of those need to get an E as well...right?

You're right, E is an underlying part of every non-lolcat sector of the Internet...

And yeah, Reddit should be in the "Totally Bored" category, too.

This whole infographic needs a 2012 update.

A project for PandaWhale? A chance to define yourself?

I'd love for PandaWhale to be BG. :)

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