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Windows Phone 8 Is Microsoft’s Last-Ditch Effort to Remain Relevant | PandoDaily

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The design reminds me of MySpace.

I prefer, for now, Apple's interface because it forces an egalitarian, organizational nature; no matter whose iOS or Mac OSX device I use, I can quickly and easily navigate it.

For whatever reason, having owned a windows phone (gifted from Nokia Developer program) I do not feel the same way.

Same old Microsoft:

"With Windows Phone 8, though, Microsoft has shoved everything onto the Start Screen and created a visually and informationally dense screen that can quickly grow tiring. Instead of large, easy-to-read tiles the new Start Screen emphasizes tiles that are almost comically small and visually jarring."

Their Xbox is beautifully designed, though.

What seems strange to me, is that between 2007 and 2010 when apple released the iPhone and iPad, respectively, is that no one thought to jump ahead of Apple and build a touch screen computing device.

It's remarkable the advantage building both OS X and the iPod gave Apple.

I think MSFT should go straight for the build one app on all devices software -- which arguably Apple has effectively done with their App store -- and start looking at how to leapfrog instead of play catchup.

Two schools of thought here: the socialization of the enterprise; the vision for the world Box, Salesforce and others see; and the consumerization of the enterprise; the vision for the world shared by google and apple.

With surface/windows 8 + yammer/Skype acquisitions, I believe Microsoft is hedging their bets.

Don't forget Kinect. That has an impressive future too.

I think you're right that Skype and Yammer were great acquisitions. I half expect them to buy Salesforce and VMWare, too.

The smartest thing they could do would be to buy RIM. But that would require them to go back to having some devices with keyboards. So Google is a more likely acquirer, if the Feds let them.

Or facebook, if they're that audacious. I think, as the author states, Nokia is a possible partner for them;

There was a great piece in Wired UK on Stephen Elop and the challenges Nokia face. A Skype-integrated phone that could play some version of Xbox games...or any number of possibilities would be fascinating.

I think an even stronger possibility, rather than fighting uphill the hardware battle is to purchase or partner with content and Internet/cable service providers.

Which brings us back to Xbox.

Verizon/AT&T/Comcast/NBC Universal ... Successful companies with successful business models that tightly integrated with a software/hardware company could end countless consumer headaches in a seamless experience.

Oh. The other strategy would be to take a chunk of change -- say $1bn -- and buy top apps and make them windows exclusive.

This is why Xbox took off: MSFT bought Bungie and there are millions like me who bought the original Xbox solely to play the Halo series.

Apps != AAA games; however Apps + Confent is the best strategy they have.

Imagine if angry birds, instagram, yelp, Skype, and other top web/mobile apps could only be used by windows tab/phone/desktop & on Xbox/Kinect....

Sucks for consumers --- maybe -- but that is essentially the choice many developers, like bionic panda games, have made.

Spotify, Funny or Die, etc. I'm sure for every entrepreneur who won't sell, they'll find a few who will for the right price -- life changing money and the ability to reach and spearhead , like Halo, an entire new way of looking at things.

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