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Angel Giuffria Amputee Bionic Wave and Prosthetic Robotic Thumbs Up gif

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MUCH better than The Terminator thumbs up gif ...

terminator thumbs up gif

Sorry, Arnold, I know you worked hard on that one.

terminator robot arm gif

By the way, the woman is an amputee with a bionic arm:

Reddit AMA amputee girl bionic arm bow Imgur

She recently did a Reddit AMA:

amputee girl bionic arm Reddit IAMA

And yeah, she answered every question.

has one arm replies to every comment on her Reddit AMA meme

Fast forward to March 2015. She has a new Bebionic 3 (size small) hand. 

Now Angel Giuffria can do a bionic wave!

angel giuffria bionic wave gif imgur tumblr bebionic 3 prosthetic robot hand robotic arm hot amputee girl woman lady actress from hunger games mockingjay

Imgur comments:

The gif is actually higher quality than the video:

I found a YouTube video that says Angel Giuffria is an actress who was in Hunger Games Mockingjay:

Meet Angel Giuffria, an engaging actress, model and graduate student. Angel was born without her left hand and has been wearing a myoelectric prosthesis since she was just four months old. Since that time, prosthetic hands have advanced dramatically and Angel is among the first to wear the bebionic3 hand that’s sized in proportion to her petite body. She’s jazzed about showing off her uber-cool “stormtrooper hand” at movie auditions, modeling gigs and in everyday life. As a cast member in “Mockingjay,” she's particularly delighted to be able to use her new hand to make the three finger salute from "The Hunger Games”— a symbol of thanks, admiration and goodbye. Angel has also been in "Green Lantern” with Ryan Reynolds and "The Accountant” Ben Affleck and John Lithgow. Who knows where she’ll pop up next!

Here's the video of Angel Giuffria showing how she does things with her bionic hand:

angel giuffria bionic fist bump gif imgur tumblr robotic high five cyborg hand robot actress amputee girl hunger games mockingjay

robot middle finger gif imgur


squidward future future gif imgur tumblr spongebob

From "Dézapping du Before" a french show with Gaël et Mr Poulpe:

Source at about 2 minutes:

Imgur comment: "Nice automail".

nice automail imgur upvote gif cyborg robot hand

Imgur comments:

If Angel Giuffria adds a red eye she can be a cool cyborg!

angel guiffria cyborg cool bionic wave meme Imgur Tumblr hot actress with a robotic arm

1980s Music Video: "Send Me an Angel"

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