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When I see a reaction gif that is used perfectly...


Thank you EditingAndLayout for making this gif.

lonely island yolo orgasm gif

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Yup. It's kind of like that.

when harry met sally orgasm gif Imgur

Mind you, you have to be very careful.

when harry met sally orgasm explosion gif

Done right, orgasms are good for you.

the more you know gif Imgur

Andy Samberg jizzed in my pants face gif Imgur Hot Rod

Done wrong, orgasms melt your face.

Andy Samberg broken gif Imgur

Andy Samberg, you're doing it wrong.

Andy Samberg screaming get out gif

By the way, who are the other two dudes in Lonely Island?

Andy Akiva Jorma Lonely Island dudes gif

When I see a reaction GIF that is used perfectly:

jonah hill happy screaming gif

trey parker matt stone embarrassed gif

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