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There's Nothing To Do Here, And It's Perfect

There's Nothing To Do Here, And It's Perfect : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR

The elements of Robert Irwin's at the Whitney Museum of American Art — the show ends today — are named in the work's title: Scrim Veil—Black rectangle—Natural Light. There's no mystery. No magical ingredient.

It's a large rectangular room with a black floor divided lengthwise by a taut curtain of thin fabric hanging down to about head height; the fabric is translucent, from some angles invisibly transparent, from others impossible to see through; the fabric has a thick black border (another rectangle); there is a thick black line (rectangle) painted on the walls, bisecting them horizontally; light coming through a single large window at the end of the room.

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If you have nothing, you have nothing to lose. 

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