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Here's some data that could do with a more compelling visualization - European youth unemployment by country 2012-13

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Europe may be a union, but when it comes to the distribution of unemployment rates across its 27 member nations (and as of July 1 with the addition of Croatia, 28), it is anything but. As the latest chart from Eurostat shows summarizing the just released July data, it is confusing if one should be more stunned by the continuing record unemployment in the Euroarea, which at 12.1% was once again an all time high (in line with expectations), or the gaping distribution of slack and lack of labor opportunities in the "Union", which ranges from 4.8% for Austria on the low end, and hits a gargantuan 27.6% for Greece on the high side (although with Spain at 26.3% it is rapidly approaching and threatening to overtake). 

indignados spain

European Unemployment Remains At All Time High: Ranges From 4.8% To 27.6% | Zero Hedge

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