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Grumpy Cat Tard and Lil Bub at International Cat Festival 2013

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TIL there's an International Cat Festival.

On the left is Grumpy Cat and on the right is Lil Bub. They met recently at the Internet Cat Festival.

Here are some vines of the meeting: 123.

lil bub WHOA gif Imgur

shocked cat WHOA gif Imgur

Grumpy Cat Lil Bub gif Imgur

I wonder what they're thinking.

Grumpy Cat Lil Bub Pinky and the Brain

As a header:

Grumpy Cat Lil Bub header Imgur

Lil' Bub meets Grumpy Cat, Internet implodes - Imgur

Lil' Bub meets Grumpy Cat sleeping Imgur

Grumpy Cat Lil Bub I dont like you meme Imgur

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