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Process for How to Get 100k Facebook Likes

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James Altucher describes a 3-step process.

I'm curious if @bakadesuyo can implement this...

help itSoftware out, and like us on Facebook! I almost want to take a month and test this out. However, I am not sure if 100k of likes for 6k is even worth it for us. Who are we? We stop bad ass malware like Stuxnet and Flame with our kick ass technology.

Yeah, I'm still unclear what a LIKE is worth, which is why I started a LIKE stash:

Please post your Facebook page here, I will give it a LIKE because your software does kick ass.

Sweet. Liked! :)

Btw, since you have over 25 likes you can give your page a custom URL like we did for PandaWhale:

Hey Adam - here's our sorely neglected MyNextCustomer page... would love a like :)

Liked! Does having more likes help with business? I'm still not convinced.

What is a Facebook LIKE worth?

This infographic says Facebook LIKE is worth $8.

@Adam, thanks for the tip...sadly some guy (Russian?) already claimed the straight up itSoftware at facebook, so we went with the twitter

I honestly don't think it's worth $8. It's tougher to convert a Facebook like to conversion to a paid product (for example, driving a user to Amazon and having them buy) than, say, Pinterest.

IMHO, a user is worth what they'll convert outside the FB ecosystem, not inside, as that only makes FB money.

Excellent points.

Btw The Oatmeal has a great page on how to get more Facebook likes:

James is the man.

Yes he is. 

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