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Here are many of the links mentioned so far:Cross-disciplinary data repositories, data collections and data search engines: alias http://ckan.nethttp://quandl.comSocial Network Analysis Interactive Dataset Library (Social Network Datasets)Datasets for Data MiningSingle datasets and data repositories

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For fun, let's start here:

Not what I thought it was.

Maybe this will be interesting:

Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance (ABLES) Interactive Database


How about About the Social Network Analysis Interactive Dataset Library?  

Gold.  There goes my night.

because of this? 

The name reflects its creation together with the original military purpose of the organisation (see ordnance and surveying) in the first instance in mapping Scotland in the immediate aftermath of the last Jacobite Rebellion, which included the last pitched battle on British soil at the Battle of Culloden. Moreover there was not only a recent history of conflict in the region, but the tendency for wars to break out in Britain had a precedent stretching back centuries. The government's fears, and with it the justification for the importance of military mapping among other things, were vindicated later during the Napoleonic Wars when there was a threat of invasion from France, and its logo includes the War Department's broad arrow heraldic mark. (ref Wikipedia)

Ordnance Survey maps were just part and parcel of high school geography in England that I'd never considered it as an audit of weaponery.

bear arms

I'm going after the Dominican nuns who witheld this information from me.

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