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The Week in Geek™ – June 26, 2012

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Occasional newsletter sent out by a former professor of mine, John Gallaugher. Always excellent.

Great share, thanks Eric.

On this: "Facebook Open Graph distribution & Apple App Store are ‘fire hoses’ of distribution. Viddy was highlighted in Facebook’s newsfeed and got 17 million users in 17 days. Daily active users haven’t kept up, but the rise is astonishing."

I wonder if Viddy's ability to get 17 million users so quickly also eans they'll lose those users just as quickly.

Viddy's competitor Socialcam showed similar meteoric growth but I find both apps unusable.

unable to quickly find it, but i really liked the cartoon that explained whenever I see socialcam or whatnot, i copy the title and google search much easier

This Oatmeal makes a similar point using Yahoo Social Reader:

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