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Jason Momoa DIS GON B GUD gif

Thank you EditingAndLayout for making this gif.

Dis Gon B Good gif HD Imgur Khal Drogo Jason Momoa EditingAndLayout

That's Jason Momoa aka Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.

The scene is from The Game, Season 3, Episode 20.

He played the character Roman in 2009:

AKA Ronon Dex. AKA Conan. AKA Phillip Kopus. AKA Jason Ioane

AKA Aquaman. That guy gets around.

Reddit source and discussion:

BigMurph26 made a version without the watermark:

Jason Momoa dis gon b gud gif Imgur

Reddit source and discussion:

Jason Momoa dis gon be good gif Imgur

Thank you hero0fwar for making this gif:

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That's Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones, yo!

Low definition version:


An earlier version EditingAndLayout had made.

DIS GON B GUD gif Imgur HD EditingAndLayout


Drop the knives, Khal Drogo.

Khal Drogo come at me bro gif drops knives Imgur

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